Kinabuti Launches Dare 2 Dream, Season 2! by Audrey Smith

Kinabuti Fashion Initiative and Pulse Nigeria (a Nigerian Television network) are about to launch Season 2 of Dare 2 Dream.  In this well-documented television series, Kinabuti selects 18 Nigerian college students from 3 different universities to compete in the Dare 2 Dream modeling competition.  Those chosen attend a "bootcamp" where they learn the fundamentals of modeling, healthy living, and practical businesss skills. In this elimination style competition, one finalist will receive $500,000 naira to keep working towards their dreams. They also get a one year modeling contract.   Five runner ups will receive $100,000 naira.  It's a beautiful opportunity for Nigerian women to learn new skills, and get real money to launch a business, start a career in fashion, get greater degrees in college and become more empowered citizens of the world.   Check out one of last year's videos!  

Coming Soon from Kinabuti: The Rome Collection by Audrey Smith

This week, ethical fashion label, Kinabuti will roll out their Spring 2016 line, The Rome Collection in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Kinabuti is an Ethical Fashion Label that uses fashion as a vehicle to promote and implement sustainability projects and foster capacity building, (the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast changing world), and employment in disadvantaged communities. 

For this collection Kinabuti worked with fifteen women from under privileged communities in Lagos, Nigeria. During a 3 month training, the incredible, Floriana Betto Bindi from New York's Parson School of Design trained these fifteen women pattern-making and dressmaking techniques.  The best students qualified for their first contracting job for the Kinabuti label, earning an income and starting a career in fashion. 

Each of the fine fabrics in The Rome Collection were created in youth workshops.  The workshops taught youths the art of tie-dye on fabrics, using antique techniques of African batik revisited with a modern approach. 

Kinabuti's youth workshop act as a vehicle to instigate economical development in Nigeria. The students in these workshops become qualified for their first contracting job for the Kinabuti label, earn an income and learn a useful artisanal profession.

Stay tuned to see The Rome Collection.