Tricia Snow: Hairstylist and Makeup Artist



Tricia Snow Master of her craft. Currently an Alter Ego Italy Educator, Deva Inspired, Master Stylist based in Downtown Metro, Salt Lake City, Utah. Tricia resides as a working Artist at Workroom. Her intuitive styling powers are a culmination of expert technical training, implementation and creative vision.

Using her keen understanding of natural hair and how it falls, Tricia determines what color and cut will best compliment the hair and individual style of each client. Once you’ve sat in her chair, you will walk away with a new understanding of the texture and way your hair moves and its versatile styling ability. She prides herself in knowing the best products enabling her to give you an excellent experience every time. She “loves to create beautiful things” and her strong skill set enables her to tap into your individual beauty and style with intuitive precision, ultimately inspiring you and complimenting your vision.

Tricia continues to benefit her clients by expanding her vast repertoire and pushing her artistic boundaries. This has led her to participate in session work with art collaborations and editorials creating inspiring and exciting beauty and style for local publications, artists, fashion shows, weddings, product launches and other special events. In addition to her local work, Tricia is the U.S. Ambassador to Kinibuti Fashion, Nigeria (click on "Kinibuti" above for more info).

Tricia's extensive training and 19 years of experience includes Alter Ego Italy Color Mastery. Tricia works intimatly with the Creative Italian team taking current trends and techniques and brings them into Alter Ego Salons strengthing the technical skill of Alter Ego Salons in North America West Coast. The House of Bumble New York City. There she was coached one-on-one by Sabrina Michaels and Nicole Wooten, the lead creatives during New York Fashion Week. Tricias passion for styling and polishing perfection will have anyone bouncing confidently down the street. Their expert training has provided Tricia access to advanced knowledge and skills, which are then elevated by her growing expertise as a makeup maven. She freelances with Juice Beauty , Lancome as a Makeup Artist and has taken advanced courses with the Aveda Institute in the Editorial Remix Course, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Urban Decay and Alcone. She’s a devotee to the craft, continuously perfecting and honing her skill and intuitive abilities.

When she’s not wielding a palette of fresh colors, scissors and brushes, Tricia loves spending time with her beautiful family and traveling to incredible and inspiring locations around the globe.