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Kinabuti! Dare2Dream Update. by Audrey Smith

Kinabuti's in thier second week of Dare2Dream!  They've picked their first 6 models and now they're moving on to the next university in Abuja where they'll pick 6 more competitors! Here's a sweet song from one of the competitors and photos from week one! 

View the photo gallery from week one, Dare2Dream Project!


Rome Collection Showcase! From Milan - Lagos Fashion Week 2015.

Kinabuti fashion brand exhibited its 'ROME' collection at the IFE Charity event held in Milan last week.   The entire vibrant 21-piece collection was showcased on the runway.  
The IFE CHARITY NIGHT was organized by Esclamativo Donna, a non-profitable organization established in 2012 to promote female talent in sectors of excellence for Italian culture. It was held in collaboration with the network of entrepreneurs, Territory Pavese and the City of Milan.

Kinabuti’s ROME COLLECTION embodies the brand vision of building a sustainable fashion sector in Nigeria. The whole process from creating the tie‐dye and batik prints, to bringing the designs from sketch to wearable pieces, was carried out by the women trained through skill empowerment programs, making it a purely ethical collection.

The entire collection is unique as each piece was hand made by women from Iba, Orile in a 3 month long training and empowerment program they were taught the art of tie-dye, traditional hand painting on cloths, tailoring and pattern cutting.
The 'ROME' collection will also be showcased at the upcoming Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2015.